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123 Industrial Area Dalton, Israel

123 Industrial Area Dalton, Israel

Mon-Thu, 9am-5pm

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In this User Agreement the following terms shall have the meanings appearing alongside them:

  1. The company:  YekevRimon Trading Ltd, private company No. 514212463
  2. The website:
  3. The products:  The products appearing in the website and offered for sale

* Supply time for the merchandise:  Messengerservice: up to 2-5 business days from placing the order.

  1. The date of supply of the merchandise:  The date on which the merchandise was delivered to the requestedaddress.
  2. The address for sending mail:  The address given by the customer in the order form as the address for sending orders.
  3. The requested date for the supply of the merchandise:  The date given by the customer as the date on which she prefers to receivethe merchandise.
  4. The date of execution ofthe order:  The date on which the transaction was approved bythe credit card company entered by the customer.
  5. Business days are weekdays, Sundays through Thursdays, and do not include Friday, Saturday, festival eves and festivalintermediate days.

Cancellation of a transactionand the returns policy

  1. That set forth in this section is subject to the ConsumerProtection Law, 5741-1981 (hereinafter: "the law").
  2. The customer (and not the addressee) may cancel the order placed, in each of the following cases and conditions:

2a) Cancellation before sendingthe product to the customer shall be done for no additional payment, and the monies paid by the customer in respect of the transaction, including delivery charges, shall bereturned to her. The financial credit shall be given as set forth in the law.

2b) In the event of cancellation of a transaction after the product was sent to the customer and after receipt of the merchandise in the company's warehouses, full financial credit shall be given.In the event of messengerdelivery the cost of thedeliveryshall be deducted from the sum of the credit.

The credit shall be givenprovided thatthe product is returned unused and without any defect and/or damage, and with the label on it as received. If the product is returned not as set forth in this section, the customer shall not be credited (neither financial credit nor a credit voucher). It is clarified that the company shall have sole discretion regarding the conditionof thereturnedproduct. It is clarified that the item, if not used, and in its originalpackaging, may be returned within 14 days of its receipt.

  1. Every credit shall betransferred only to the credit card used for the order, and in accordance with the timetable of the credit card company.
  2. It is clarified that financial credit shall not be given in respect of products for which a financial consideration was not paid, such asspecial offers or gifts.
  3. The method of returning the products − The customer shall return the product to one of the following branches: Dalton Industrial Park − the YekevRimonVisitors Center, or to the YekevRimon store in the Flea Market, 16 Pinhas Ben Yair St, Tel Aviv Yaffo, on the attached sheet. Alternatively, the customer may request that the management of the website or the supplier send a messenger to her home to collect the product and return it, at her expense.


  1. The website serves as a virtual store for the sale of wines, cosmetics, and additional products, and it is owned and managed by the company.
  2. Every question and/or request for clarificationshould be sent directly to the customerservice of the company by means of the following email: or by phone: 046822325.
  3. Wherever in this User Agreement use is made of the feminine gender, the intention is also to the masculine gender.
  4. This User Agreement is the legal basis for orders and for surfing in thewebsite, and it alone addresses the relationsbetween the company and the surfer in thewebsite and/or the personordering via the website.
  5. Everyone making an order and/or a purchase via the websitedeclares that on execution of the action she has read this User Agreement, and that neither she nor anyone acting on her behalf shall have any complaint and/or demand and/or claim against the website and/or the company and/or the management of the website and/or the company and/or any of its managers and/or workers, regarding the provisions and conditions of this User Agreement.
  6. The company reserves the right to changethis User Agreement from time to time at its sole and absolute discretion, withouthaving to give warning and/or prior notice.
  7. The prices of the products include VAT by law.
  8. Only the computer records of the company regarding theactivitiescarried out via the website shall constitute prima facie proof of the correctness of theactivities.
  9. The photos of the products appearing in the website are for illustration only and do not obligatethe management of the website in any way. It is also agreed and clarified that the company shall do its best to display to its customers photos that are as accurate as possible.
  10. The company does not undertake to keep in stock all the models and/or products whose photos appear in thewebsite.
  11. The company does its best to ensure that the information presented in thewebsite is the most complete and accurate, but it is clarified that inaccuracies or errors areliable to appear in it, in good faith, and the company shall bear no responsibilitywhatsoever resulting from or related to them.
  12. All the prices in thewebsite appear on the products and are given in new shekels. The prices include VAT, if it applies by law, but do not includedelivery charges.
  13. The management of the website shall be entitled to update the prices of the products on the website, as well as the tariffs for deliveries, from time to time, and without the need for prior notice. The pricein effectregarding an order that you placed is the pricepublished when you completed the order process(includinggivingdetails of the credit card). If the prices were updated beforethe orderprocess was completed, the customer shall be charged in accordance with the updated prices.
  14. The management of the website shall be entitled to offer in thewebsitespecial offers, benefits, and reductions. The management of the website shall be entitled to halt these special offers, benefits, and reductions at any time, or replace or change them, without the need to give any prior notice of this.
  15. The terms of useof thewebsite apply to use of thewebsiteand theservicesincluded in it, by means of any computer or other telecommunications device(such as a cellphone, palmtopcomputer, etc.). Furthermore they apply to use of thewebsite either by means of the Internet or some other network or means of telecommunications.

Registration for the company website and placing orders via the website

  1. Products shall bepurchased by a customer who has registered by completing the order formappearing in the website. It is clarified that completion of all thedetailsconstitutes a condition precedent for execution ofthe order.
  2. The management of the website shall make no use of the customer's details other than in accordance with the privacypolicyof thewebsite, and that constitutes an integral part of these terms of use and purchase.
  3. In order to ensure execution ofthe order with efficiency and without malfunctions, take care to accurately completeall therequireddetails. If during execution of the ordererroneousdetails are given, the company cannot guarantee that the products will reach their destination. If the products are returned to the company because of erroneousdetails, the customer shall be charged for handling and delivery. Be sure to complete accurate and updated details.
  4. On execution of the order by the customer, the company shall check the credit carddetails.
  5. The details of the order as entered by the customer on the order form and the recordingof thetransaction in the company's computers shall constitute absolute and final proof of the correctness of theactivity.
  6. In the event of the transaction not being approved bythe credit card company, the person making the transaction shall receiveappropriatenotice of this and she shall berequired to give some other means of payment.
  7. Approvalof thepurchasingoperation is conditional on the productactually being in stock in the company's warehouses on the date of supplyrequested and/or on the date of the order. However, if it is not indicated that the product is not in stock and the product was not removed from the website before the date of execution ofthe order, the company shall not beobligated to sell the product, and thepurchaser shall have no complaint and/or claim in this matter in respect of any kind of damage, either direct or indirect, caused to the purchaser and/or to a third party.

The aforesaid is subject to the management of the website returning to the customer any sum paid, if any, to the company, and/or the company cancelling the charge if made. It is emphasized and clarified that situations may occur in which, although a specificproduct was displayed in thewebsite as being in stock, in actual fact it is not in stock and cannot be supplied. In such circumstances the transactionshall becancelled and the customer shall have no complaint in connection with this, subject to the return of the sum paid by the customer to the company.

  1. Every customershall be entitled to order a product and choose the destinationrequested for delivery, by updating the destinationrequested in the order form, but the last destination for deliveryupdated by the customer shall be kept in the company's database as the destination requested by the customer.
  2. It is emphasized that the company shall be entitled not to approve an order by a customer for any reason whatsoever, at its sole and absolute discretion, such as in cases in which:
  • If duringregistrationin thewebsiteerroneousdetails were deliberatelyfurnished.
  • If acts or omissions were made that damage or are liable todamage the website or the management of the website, or any third parties whatsoever, including the customers,workers, andsuppliers of the management of the website.
  • If the servicesof thewebsite were used for execution of an act regarded as illegal in accordance with the laws of the State of Israel, or in order topermit, to facilitate, to aid, or to encourage the execution of such an act.
  • If there were infringed the conditions of this agreement, the conditions of any of thebindingdocuments or the conditions of any other online service offered in thewebsite.
  • If there is a financial debt to the company or to its affiliated companies, and the debt was not repaid, although the date for its payment has passed.
  • If the credit card held by the customer has been blocked or limited for use in any way whatsoever.
  1. After the details have been furnished, the bindingdocument have been approved, and the customer's consent has been given to the terms of useand theprivacypolicy, the management of the website shall be entitled, but not obligated, to display or send updates to the customer by means of its account on the website or by email.This includes updates of contents, informationabout its services and products, and theservices and products of others, special offers, new items on the website, within the meaning of section 30(a) of the Telecommunications Law (Bezeq and Broadcasts), 5742-1982.
  2. If it transpires that the customer's credit card is invalid, or that the credit card company does not honor the transaction, or that PayPal (or any other availableelectronic wallet service) does not honor the charge, or that the requestedproduct is not in stock with the company, the management of the website shall contact the customer in order tocomplete or cancel the transaction.
  3. If you should choose to pay by means of a PayPalaccount you will be requested to enter details of the accountexistingin thePayPalwebsite, or you may choose to rapidly open a PayPalaccount. Please note that if you decide to pay by means of PayPal, the company may collect the payment for the products only after receipt of approval from PayPal. Use and receiptof theapproval is subject to the terms of use and privacypolicy of PayPal, and not of thewebsite.