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Pomegranate seed oil (4 package)

796.00 NIS 500.00 NIS

The pomegranate contains high levels of vitamins from the series A, B, C iron,

calcium, and antioxidants.

Using the oil on a daily basis reduces materially the blood sugar level, manages

the high levels of the “bad” cholesterol known as L.D.L and prevents the

creation plaque that blocks the blood vessels and causes heart diseases and

strokes. Good for diabetics - Balances blood sugar levels. Using the oil helps

to reduce hypertension, cleans the blood vessels and the heart muscle. Solves

hormonal problems during menopause and treats erection problems. Fights

intestinal infections, arthritis. Many local and international studies show that

pomegranate seed oil causes the destruction of breast cancer cells, prostate

cancer and skin cancer.

Healthy usage:

Apply 2-5 drops of oil once per day under the tongue, there it will be absorbed

directly by the central capillaries for heart and blood vessels.



Pomegranate is considered to be the fruit with the richest in natural materials for slow

aging, as it contains more than 60% linolenic fatty acid that increases skin elasticity.

Helps to strengthen the epidermis - Renewal of dead skin cells on the facial skin.

Can be used as replacement for the serum activity - prevents renewal of wrinkles.

Antioxidants with the ability to neutralize free radicals harming the skin.

Helps against pigmentation - lightens sunspots.

Fights external skin infections, prevents development and spreading of skin cancer.

Cosmetic use:

It is recommended to use the oil at night on a clean skin and to apply a few drops

under the eyes and around the lips, daily as replacement of the serum